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        3. Talent recruitment
          Contact us

          Yu Manager: 13588416604
          Phone: 0571-88771927
          Fax: 0571-88771527
          Email: yu1358841@163.com ylf@hztonghuigl.com
          Address: Hangzhou city Yuhang District Liangzhu town of Zhejiang Province, Xunzi Hill Industrial Park
          URL: www.dietysh.com

          Recruitment  Recruitment

          Talent idea:

              Meritocratic, give full scope to the talents.

              Talent is the soul of the enterprise, the company regards talent as the biggest wealth, always put the talent as the enterprise development of this, the competition of the present, the development of this.

              The company provides a broad stage for the staff to play a talent, to display the vast space, to find talent, training talent, respect for talent, talent development.

              Pay attention to talent introduction and training, supporting a full range of technical and professional training, enhance all levels of employees in the work of actual operation ability, do people-oriented, merit and talent.

              We have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious, diligent working atmosphere, a common development team spirit.