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          XYZG1250-U diaphragm filter press


          1.PP diaphragm filter plate used in the form of polypropylene and imported elastomer, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless. 2 to improve the solid content of the filter cake, so that the strength of the filter cake is increased, and the cake is easy.

          3 diaphragm squeeze technology application, can be compacted filter cake in the cracks, making the washing time is short, the effect is good, the water consumption is small.

          4 the pressure is 0.6MPA-1.6MPA and the pressure is 0.6MPA-2.5MPA. The best condition for forming the filter cake is ensured.

          Also configure automatic plate pulling system the 5.PP diaphragm filter press, electric control cabinet, operating control button to achieve automatic control, greatly reducing work intensity, improve the work efficiency.

          6 can be directly to the water content of more than 95% of the sludge (such as: industrial sludge, urban sewage) one-time removal to the level of 55%-38%, and achieved a breakthrough in sludge mechanical dewatering technology.